EOC Training camp continues in Bardolino with Knock Out finals

6 Apr 2023

EOC Training camp continues in Bardolino with Knock Out finals

Over 50 athletes from 16 nations are competing in the official EOC 2023 training camp, organised by PWT Italy in the relevant areas for the European Sprint Championships in the autumn. On a sunny day yesterday, Wednesday 6th April, the Knock-Out test took place.

If the domination in the Individual Sprint  was completely Swedish, with victories for Vilma Von Krusenstierna and Jonatan Gustafsson, yesterday in Bardolino it was the Danish Hedvig Valbjørn Gydesen who was able to win in the women’s field, while Gustafsson confirmed once again his good period of form in the men’s class. Loris Danielli, PromoE20 administrator and organiser of Lago di Garda in Love, attended an awards ceremony to celebrate the winners of the day. All athletes are staying at “Gasparina Village” in Castelnuovo del Garda (VR), a facility that is part of Bella Italia Camping, which will host the Event Center at the European Championships (see news).



  1. Hedvig Valbjorn Gydesen 10:52
  2. Alva Sonesson 10:55
  3. Lene Berg Hansen 10:57
  4. Vilma Von Krusenstierna 11:10
  5. Sandra Grosberga 11:15
  6. Eide Ragnhild 11:52


  1. Jonatan Gustafsson 9:13
  2. Cornelius Bjork 9:28
  3. Yannik Michiels 9:35
  4. Benjamin Naeslund 10:14
  5. Matthias Reiner 10:23

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Tomorrow, on Friday 7th April, the training camp will end with a Sprint Relay test in Lazise. We would like to remind all participants that, due to the already high tourist activity in the historic centre, the start time will be moved to 9 a.m.