EOC, discovering Soave with the Mayor Matteo Pressi

6 May 2023

EOC, discovering Soave with the Mayor Matteo Pressi

With five months to go before the European Sprint Championships in Veneto, we are starting to get to know the beautiful locations of the competitions through the words of their first mayors. The Mayor Matteo Pressi talks to us about Soave, a delightful village in the province of Verona at the foot of the Lessini Mountains, winner in 2022 of the title of Most Beautiful Village in Italy, which will host the Sprint Relay on October 6th.

Mayor Pressi, what makes Soave unique in the world?

“The peculiarities of Soave are linked to two aspects. First of all the production of Soave wine, both in the form of the dry white wine Soave DOCG, and in the form of the sweet after meal wine Recioto di Soave DOCG. The second aspect is the presence of a Scaliger castle, entirely preserved and open to visitors, and a ring of walls that embraces the entire village. These images blend together and represent Soave in the world”.

What is the relationship between Soave and sport?

“Soave has already hosted sporting events of national and international importance. Twice we have been the place of arrival and departure of a Giro d’Italia stage, as well as having hosted other cycling events. Until now we have always been linked to sport, especially cycling. We are happy to be able to broaden our vision to a different sport such as orienteering, which lends itself very well to the characteristics of Soave and the surrounding area”.

What are the reasons that made you choose to welcome the 2023 EOC?

“Definitely the pleasure of welcoming an event of international importance, testifying how Soave also shares the sports values, especially the ability to unite different peoples and mentalities. It will also be an excellent opportunity to promote Soave through the numerous international media that will report and broadcast the races, especially in those countries where we are less known, such as the northern European tourist market”.

How is Soave preparing to host the European Championships?

“We are working closely with the organization and, at the same time, starting to explain to the population the meaning and impact that this event will have on the village. The involvement of schools will be fundamental in order to make this discipline known, also in our area, such as the raising of the awareness of merchants and owners of accommodation and restaurant facilities regarding the needs associated with the event. We will not be caught unprepared from an organizational and relational point of view”.

A message to the orienteers who will compete in Soave.

“Alongside the pleasure of taking part in this exciting sporting competition, there will be the opportunity to get to know the most beautiful village in Italy, therefore one of the most fascinating places in the world. We are working to ensure that Soave and its characteristics are increasingly known in Europe and in the world, also through a winning combination of sport and tourism. We are waiting for all with open arms”.

Credits PWT Italia