Nature is increasingly the focus of the 2023 EOC

10 Sep 2023

Nature is increasingly the focus of the 2023 EOC

Parco Natura Viva, pearl of the municipality of Bussolengo in the province of Verona, also became part of the territorial network created to support the European Orienteering Sprint Championships, whose latest organizational inspections took place just in the past few days. 

Among the experiences that EOC Tour members will enjoy, there will be a visit to Natura Viva Park in Bussolengo, which celebrated its first 50 years in 2019. Today it is a modern Zoological Park, an important conservation center for endangered species with an active role in biodiversity conservation.

Born from the architect Alberto Avesani’s idea, the founder transformed part of his own farm in the 1960s and collected local wild animals to raise and show to the public. Over time it has housed exotic and native animals, opening up to visitors, with a wildlife section to explore on foot and a safari section in your own vehicle. 

The park contributes to the conservation of animal and plant life and its natural environment and establishes strategies to ensure the survival of endangered species. The organization’s priorities also include research, focusing on animal welfare, behavioral ecology, cognitive capacity building, veterinary medicine, and education to raise awareness of the importance of protecting biodiversity and the natural world. That is also why there is the Extinction Park, a facility dedicated to the extinctions of the past, as stages in the long history of evolution, and to the extinctions of the present.

We are very close to closing registration for the EOC Tour. 

We look forward to seeing you in Veneto!