Art for passion, Eismann presents the contest for schools

12 May 2023

Art for passion, Eismann presents the contest for schools

While the organisation of the competitions proceeds with a view to the upcoming IOF site inspections in Veneto, the involvement of the territory, which the EOC intends to make a co-protagonist of the event also through its partners, is becoming increasingly strong. From this point of view, the competition organised by Eismann, aimed at the younger generations and free and open until 23 June, was born.

The historic partnership between PWT Italia and Eismann is renewed, once again in support of orienteering and the EOC 2023. With over 30 years of experience in the home sale of high quality frozen food, the company, based in the province of Verona, is focusing on the new generations and their creativity with the proclamation of Art for Passion, a regional contest of artistic works reserved for Italian or foreign students attending high schools and vocational schools of any address in the municipalities of Verona, Soave and Vicenza.

The theme of the project can be freely interpreted, but must be related to the EOC 2023, and must recall the characteristics of orienteering and the tourist and traditional elements of the places where the competitions will take place from 1 to 8 October. Participation, which is completely free, is open until 23 June 2023. The “Arte per Passione” contest is also established in cooperation with Centri Giovanili Don Mazzi.


You can participate with a single original work in manual or digital form, in drawing, painting or photography, in colour or black and white, on the theme of Art for Passion. The project must be sent in JPEG format to no later than midnight on 23 June. The author must attach the participation form filled in with his/her personal data, and accept the terms of the regulation and the law on privacy. The teacher in charge of each class may ask for any information at the e-mail address provided. The winning author and his or her school will receive a prize of 500 euros each.


Eismann will set up a special technical jury made up of design experts, artists and business representatives. By 27 June, the jury will select 3 finalists from the entries received in accordance with the rules and will announce the winner, who will be published on 30 June on