A double present for all you orienteers!

19 May 2023

A double present for all you orienteers!

The big seasonal events are approaching and the PWT Italia’s commitment to reserve you beautiful surprises continues!

The first surprise is related to EOC 5 Days Tour and 5 Days Domina Zagarella Sicily runners: the registration prices are confirmed to be reduced until July 30th! The fees for adults therefore remain at the price of 120 euros for both events, which, moreover, will no longer be limited in number.

In addition, the possibility of entering for the races has been introduced at a cost of 160 euros with no need to stay overnight, thus paying only a small surcharge. Those registered for the EOC 5 Days Tour will also receive a race pack containing typical local products, including a bottle of DOC wine.



New site inspections by the IOF are underway in Verona, Vicenza and Soave, the main locations of the competitive competitions, for an update on the events organization.

As always, however, PWT Italia wants to be close to all orienteers by providing assistance and support to encourage the participation of the many non-competitive enthusiasts and families who love orienteering. For this reason, the staff recently appointed the international ambassadors for the main participating nations: Jorgen Martesson and Anders Bjorklund for Sweden, Bernt Bjonsgaard for Norway, Ulrich Aeschlimann for Switzerland.

PWT Italia will also be present with dedicated info points at Jukola (Finland), 5 Days of Italy (Italy), WOC (Switzerland) and Oringen (Sweden), where you can request information and also register.

For those who want to take advantage of already organized packages for reaching Veneto for the European Championships, important partnerships have been signed with some travel agencies: for Norway, Sweden and Denmark Allertravel, by contacting Jan Sveen jan.sveen@allertravel.no, for the Finland Rastiretki, by contacting Tero Heikkilä heikkilattero@gmail.com and for Switzerland Ulrich Aeschlimann, by writing to ulu@sunrise.ch

During the event, as already communicated, buses will be available for transfers from the Event Center to the competition venues. HERE you can find more information and the costs of the service.

We are waiting for you in Bella Italia to have fun together!