EOC 2023, Rossogargano is the new main sponsor

19 Jun 2023

EOC 2023, Rossogargano is the new main sponsor

After the 2022 World Masters Championships on the Gargano, the Apulian company confirms its passion for orienteering by supporting the European Sprint Championships, valid as World Cup finals.

It is not possible to talk about Italy without thinking about the culture and love for good food, starting from the raw materials, and the care for its production. These are precisely the values ​​that drive Rossogargano‘s commitment to the creation of a vast range of 100% Apulian products, from peeled tomatoes to pureed tomatoes, diced tomatoes and much more, thanks to which it can offer the customer all the warmth of this magnificent land.

Founded in 2008 in the industrial area of ​​Foggia, the company has created an innovative short supply chain project: the members are the tomato growers themselves which, delivered in a few hours from the fields to the factory, guarantee freshness and fragrance, as well as the highest quality.

It is always the growers who choose the most suitable varieties for each soil, who follow the phases step by step, from drip irrigation of the seedling to the new summer harvest, then leaving the soil to rest. A guarantee of absolute genuineness which then continues in the company with accurate control up to conservation in the various formats. The highly qualified staff works to close the production cycle maintaining that intense flavor and aroma.

In recent years, the product continues to cross new frontiers, gaining great acclaim. Many Rossogargano presences in the most important and prestigious trade fairs in America, in Amsterdam, in Japan and in France. The certainty of quality and the short supply chain has made it possible to give continuity to exports, which approach 35 million pieces every year outside the European Community.

In Verona, Soave and Vicenza, even the participants of EOC 2023 will be able to taste the Rossogargano products present in the race’s bag!