The European Orienteering Championships Tour on the Via Querinissima: with the Confraternity of Bacalà an ever stronger link between Veneto and Norway

From August 1st to 10th, the Organising Committee of the orienteering event will be on the route of merchant Pietro Querini to seal a union among history, sports and the iconic “bacalà”

EOC Tour, the official program is online
8 races to discover the magnificent Veneto

At the Swedish 5 Days O-Ringen, the largest single-discipline stage event in the world since 1965 with over 100,000 participants, the promotional activity for the 2023 European Championships continues with the presence of a delegation from the Organizing Committee. In the meantime, the official calendar of the EOC Tour competitions, dedicated to amateurs and beginners, […]

4 days on Lake Garda for 36 Swedish orienteers

The large group of Scandinavian athletes has reached the Veneto region for an inspection of the locations that will host the 2023 EOC and has spent relaxing days between sport, fun and good food at Camping Club Bella Italia, event center of the Europeans!

The European tour of EOC 2023 continues
More value to the territory and to the excellence of Made in Italy

The busy summer continues for the European Sprint Championships, valid as World Cup Finals. Find out where you can meet the EOC 2023 staff and receive all the information you need for your trip to Bella Italia in the name of sport, beauty and good food!

EOC 2023, Rossogargano is the new main sponsor

After the 2022 World Masters Championships on the Gargano, the Apulian company confirms its passion for orienteering by supporting the European Sprint Championships, valid as World Cup finals.

EOC on the Via Querinissima with the Confraternity of Bacalà

The Pro Loco of Sandrigo, the Confraternity of Bacalà alla Vicentina and the Via Querinissima join the illustrious organizations that sponsor the 2023 European Orienteering Championships, valid as World Cup Finals. A special synergy that has its roots in the history and culture of the Veneto and Vicenza. Let’s find out together!

In Verona, Vicenza and Soave new visit of the IOF

The Organizing Committee of the 2023 European Orienteering Championships once again hosted, after a first visit in February, the IOF-International Orienteering Federation, which came from Sweden for further site inspections in Veneto with the Advisor Jari Kymäläinen.

A double present for all you orienteers!

The big seasonal events are approaching and the PWT Italia’s commitment to reserve you beautiful surprises continues!

Art for passion, Eismann presents the contest for schools

While the organisation of the competitions proceeds with a view to the upcoming IOF site inspections in Veneto, the involvement of the territory, which the EOC intends to make a co-protagonist of the event also through its partners, is becoming increasingly strong. From this point of view, the competition organised by Eismann, aimed at the […]

EOC, discovering Soave with the Mayor Matteo Pressi

With five months to go before the European Sprint Championships in Veneto, we are starting to get to know the beautiful locations of the competitions through the words of their first mayors. The Mayor Matteo Pressi talks to us about Soave, a delightful village in the province of Verona at the foot of the Lessini […]

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